Ahoy, on a boat there are constantly ups and downs. One moment you feel exhausted and you don’t really think you can go further. That can be either a tiny crisis or a big challenge. I for myself experienced some of these moments. Sometimes it’s diesel in the bilge, sometimes it’s saltwater or technical problems you have to deal with. Or even worse you are afraid of loosing a loved one. One night Patch fell overboard while we were on a friends boat. We searched for over 2 hours with multiple dinghies and we were close to give up. We finally found her in the marina over 800 meters away from our anchorage. The taff little girl just swam ashore and she wasn’t even scared at all.
On a boat there is and always will be something going on every single day. But besides that you will experience the most impressive, beautiful and stunning moments in your life. Like the amazing brightness of the stars up in the sky during your nightwatch, or dolphins surfing your bowwave just for fun, or to enjoy the sunrise and sunset in all its beauty. You can soak up every of these stunning moments and I’m pretty sure these pictures will be one of the best I will ever experience in my life.
Today is the fifths day of our passage and we see land in front of us. The first stop, Socorro Island, is only 20 nautical miles away from us. And believe it or not but today was a day of ups and downs for me.
The day didn’t really start good for me. With mixed feelings about my injured thump and the possibility to miss one of the best diving areas for big manta rays, I wasn’t in a super good mood. But all the beautiful people around me, especially my lovely captain, pushed me up again. One of the nice advantages to have 5 people onboard. And the day ended with a fish on our lure. But not any kind of a fish. No… one of the most powerful fish in the ocean, a blue Marlin, caught our hook. It was quite a challenge for Juan and Marco to pull in the Marlin, before Christian was able to get the big beast into the cockpit. The beauty is over 2,20 meter long and weights probably 40 kg. We already lost a few swordfishes on our hook in the past. With the help of 10 hands on deck we where finally able to pull in a fish of such a big size. The Marlin fought hard and we definitely understand the power of a big fish now. Teamwork makes the Dream work. Thanks to you guys you are such a big help to us.
For now we can stop fishing because we have tons of prime filets for the next weeks. Thanks to Taiichis good filleting skills our freezer is filled to the top.
The challenging life on a boat is for sure not the right life for everyone, but for me it’s definitely the right way to go. All the sweat, blood and sometimes tears are totally worth the effort.
Every life has its challenging moments, but it’s worth to keep on focusing for the good ones to let them direct our life.
To everyone out there, have a wonderful day with lots of good memories.
Good vibes from the ocean send to you by Fay
Sent from the Ocean

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  1. Oh yes, my comments on YouTube are from Tarfoot, that’s me.

  2. Keeping up with you guys and praying for your safety. That rockin’ and rollin’ sure ain’t for me, I get motion sickness if I just turn around too fast. ya’ll have fun and stay safe.

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