GPS( Ahoy,
today is day 25. It began with warm sunshines on my skin. When I went outside I could see the blue sky again without any clouds. The first complete sunny day after we left the Doldrums. What an amazing feeling.
The sea calmed down and we have gentle and regular waves which allowed us to do the final preparations for the equator crossing during the day. The tradition says you have to do a proper ceremony when you’re crossing. This ceremony includes costumes from the underwater world to represent Neptune and his wife. So we kind of have to stand court and granting for permission to cross the line. It also has to do with a hair scissor and a dirty shower… Oh, oh. We’re all excited to cross and in the best mood for some silly and funny actions!
The day went by like nothing while we were relaxing in the sun, busy with a book in our hands or just watching the far view of the pacific ocean. In between we set the spinnaker to speed up a little. With around 7 knots of boat speed we’re sailing with spinnaker and mizzen into another beautiful night. The sky is gorgeous and we are able to see the milky way bright and proud up in the dark sky.
Good ocean vibes from Fay
Sent from the Ocean.

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