Ahoy!!! This morning I woke up in the middle of a dream. I dream a lot since I’m on ZERO, and when I’m awake it looks I’m still in a dream. Guess why?
WATER and water, just water around us, and so deep. And who knows what’s going on down there, I would like to see some big beast coming up to the surface, or maybe not !
WAVES, everywhere but they never brake… Many birds flying looking for food.
AND US, with a red spinnaker and main sail pulled by the wind.
Today we got a special gift from the ocean: a beautiful Yellow Fin Tuna. I was on deck and heard the reel of the fishing rod spinning. I got the rod and pulled, it was a big one, pulling hard, maybe a shark?! But suddenly, while I was retrieving the line, the fish has gone.
Oh no!
We also saw a big piece of wood passing through… Did we hooked some debris?
I was a bit confused, but I could see something following ZERO, brownish color and maybe 60cm long. I kept retreaving and then I saw it moving towards the lure. I felt the bite and I gave it a good pull, the hook was in it’s mouth.
It didn’t fight long, just enough time for the Captain to get the gaff and with a perfect shot, sunk the hook of the gaff straight to the heart of the tuna killing it and pulling it on board.
It was beautiful, big eyes, thick body and a perfect combination of colors from yellow to blue.
Taiichy made a good job, by cleaning, cutting and taking care of the fish, untill it become our dinner. I watched him all the time whilst he was doing the job.
There was Patch of course, she was here since she heard the sound of the reel. More excited than everybody she was biting like a tiger and eating the meat left. Happy cat!
And Happy us, I heard about some Sushi tonight, mmmm.
A couple of hours until sunset and me and the Captain played Briscola, an Italian card game.
I won but it has been a good match. Now he is having a nap, Juan is on deck, watching the sun approaching the horizon, Taiichy and Fay are preparing dinner and finally the air cooled down. We are in the tropics now and we can feel it, it’s getting hotter and the nights have the perfect temperature. I like the nights sailing on ZERO, fresh air and peace. We’ve had beautiful moonrise’s in the last few days and awesome sunsets, like now.
Good night Marco
Sent from the Ocean.

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