Ahoy! Today is Wednesday, almost a month on ZERO and I don’t feel it at all, I’m scared time will go very fast here. We’ve been sailing at very good speed the last couple of days, during the day it feels we are flying. We haven’t changed the sails in a while, we just change the autopilot couple degrees more, couple degrees less, can’t get any better!
Taiichi’s turn for the Galley is today and we are lucky about that since we just caught a good sized yellow fin tuna yesterday. Can’t wait to see what he’s cooking during the day. If u still don’t know he’s a business man and owns couple restaurant worldwide so I’m sure he will surprise us once more.
I woke up early this morning. We are getting close to the equator line so it gets hotter and hotter every day. Sleeping in is quiet a challenge. I decided to do some laundry, caught the early breeze and started my day. Breakfast was ready soon. Afterwards I laid down in the hammock and continued with the book I’m reading. I normally don’t read that much but on ZERO I have plenty of time, it feels so peaceful and calm, hearing the waves and enjoying amazing views of the ocean gives me a lot of freedom. I even fell asleep again. So far the hammock is one of my favorite spots. Looking at the horizon and with fresh wind is just perfect to spend some time on ZERO. I even thought on sleeping here one day, but we’ll see.
Today we fixed the bunk where I sleep, since we are sailing all the time, the cushion moves and there are some parts that have to be fixed. The captain took out all the tools and the part we were fixing, it was quiet a challenge but after couple of hours and some laughs we finally made it! It’s already midday, we are getting hungry and weather doesn’t helps much, starts to be warmer and warmer. Taiichi suddenly surprised us with delicious sashimi for a quick snack, didn’t lasted long, was very tasty! The captain took the guitar out and started playing, I’m really enjoying my time here.
It’s getting late and dinner will be ready soon. Starts to get cloudy so we checked the weather forecast and we might hit some rain. We will wait and be prepared if something happens it’s my turn on the first watch, so I’ll be aware of it. Aloha! Juan
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  1. Hallo Ihr Lieben, freu mich fuer euch Sehr. Das Erste in der frueh beim caffee ist immer eure neue position .so cool . Lg aus Colorado PeterPan…

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