Ahoy, Another day just ended, wow. Time is running so fast when you have fun. We’re still sailing south west, haven’t really changed much about the sails for the last 2 days. A little work on the sheets maybe but just a little. We’re mostly just adjusting our course by 10° plus / minus. The autopilot is set to Windmodus so it follows a certain angle to the wind. If the wind changes so will our course. And we set the autopilot to 150° TWA ( true wind angle). With the spinacker and the mainsail up we make around 4 to 8 kn of SOG ( speed over ground). Depending on the wind. Today we had up to around 12 kn true wind. Everytime the wind dies we adjust our course 10 to 20 more to the wind, so the apparent wind goes up a bit and the sails don’t flap as much. If the wind breezes up we go the other direction and the boat sails more before the wind and movements are smoother. Works good so far and is pretty easy.
That gives us more time to enjoy the things we like to do.
Today was Fay’s birthday and the whole crew made sure she’s not doing any work today. No cooking, no cleaning no cocktail mixing.. nada. Just eating, drinking and whatever she felt like. She’s doing so much for all of us all the other days that it was quite a new situation.
We started with a smoothy breakfast. Had bruschetta for lunch and served lasagne for dinner ending with freshly wipped up Tiramisu for desert. A few cold beer, 1 or 2 cocktails and a few snacks in between and life is your friend..
Oh yeah, on top of that we had a huge pot of dolphins coming to play around ZERO and I swear I heard a few of them wishing Fay a Happy Birthday..
Happiness is so easy to find on days like these..
Sending a huge chunk of happiness to you out there.. ALOHA Christian
Sent from the Ocean.

One thought on “SunsetNews Day 17

  1. Happy Birthday Fay!!!!!!! 🍔🍟🥤
    From Julie and Matt!
    Julie said that’s a veggie burger.

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