Hi, It is another day of smooth sailing on ZERO. Being on the late shift for watch duty, I slept in a bit. For breakfast, Juan made us oatmeal with Fay’s fantastic applesauce. After washing the dishes, I set up my internet device to check my email. Juan wanted to go swimming behind the yacht while holding to a rope. It looked like really fun, and Marco and Christian went out to swim as well.
Fay sewed and repaired our sunshade using a sewing machine from the 1950s made in Western Germany. She said the machine was so old that it was hard to find replacement parts. Without the sunshade, it is very hot outside, so I am thankful for Fay’s professional repair work.
Today’s chef, Juan, made us his famous ceviche with tostadas. We had been eating marlin for lunch and dinner for ten days already, but since our fish supply has become low, we have started to fish again. After lunch, I was relaxing outside and glanced behind the boat. A bird was trapped on our fishing lure and being dragged behind. I quickly reeled in the fishing rod, and Juan called Christian. Christian removed the hook and released the bird back to the ocean. I could tell Patch was excited to see the bird just next to her.
Now, we have less than 1,800 nautical miles to the Marquesas. It will take us nearly two weeks, but I think it’s worth the extra time. One cannot eat fresh marlin nor interact with nature, seeing the beautiful sunset, fishing the poor bird, getting help from Mexican navy, while on an airplane.
When I have time on the boat, I think about many things—the waves, for example. I am surrounded by waves made of sea water. These ocean waves travel very far, but they are not the only waves that surround me. There are also waves of sunlight and starlight, made of photon particles that behave like ocean waves. My internet signal to and from the satellite is another form of waves. Quantum mechanics suggests we are all made of particles governed by the laws of waves.
So, our world is made entirely of waves. I will write more about this later though, as you would probably fall asleep at a 200-page “Sunset Academic News.” 😀
Sent from the Ocean.

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