today is day 15 of our passage to paradise. Our day began with leftover birthday cake, covered with fresh fruits. I think it could be way worse than this!
We are all quite well out here with just one case of seasickness. Unfortunately patch is the one who’s sick and she’s dealing with heavy puking and diarrhea. All started with a flying fish she ate during the night. We don’t know for how long the fish lay on deck or if it was even the reason patch got sick. She is doing incredible good but every now and then you can see the exhaustion in her eyes. Hopefully patch will be better soon. Cross your fingers for the poor little girl.
My day was pretty busy for a day out on the ocean. Our cockpit sunshades needed some work. All four corners are ripped because the wind rubbed it on the mizzen shrouds, which caused some unwanted shaving marks and cracks in the fabric. So I crawled under our bed to get my old lady, a great industrial german Pfaff sewing machine out and started working on it. Imagine your living room would heel over 30 degrees to the left, followed by a 15 degree move to the other side and you are trying to get a straight line on the sewing machine. I can tell you it is quite a challenge to not stich into your own hands while holding onto the machine when a big wave hits your “living room” again! I started laughing at some point because it felt normal after a while and I found my rythm to push the pedal in between the waves. It takes definitely longer than expected and tomorrow will be another fabric-rescue-day for me.
After some time the galley turned into an italian restaurant, filled with the greatest smells you can think of. Marco created a magical combination of homemade dough, fresh basil, garlic and tomato sauce which turned into a huge pizza even with some Marlin on top. With cannelloni as a starter we had a great dinner altogether in the cockpit.
Millions of stars are up in the sky shining down on ZERO and the moon rises in this moment. I started my nightwatch already and the waves are gentle to us again. We are going more south every day and we all can feel it in the wind. Soon we’ll start our watch with shorts and shirts instead of hoodies and beanies. Juchu!! Paradise we are coming closer and I can’t wait to arrive.
Good ocean vibes from Fay
Sent from the Ocean.

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