My day started with the last night watch from 5am to 8am. A full moon hidden behind clouds and dolphins swimming and jumping close by. Everyone was relaxing, reading, watching a movie or napping. Except of Fay. She started preparing a yummi birthday cake and the captains favorite dinner for his birthday.
Everyone was a bit more tired since we are going pretty fast compared to the beginning of the trip. ZERO is doing 6-7 kn average speed with occasional 8-9 kn when surfing down a wave. That of course affected the boat movement and we were a bit shaking and rolling with the wind swell coming from the north and the ground swell from the south.
So when one of the bigger waves heeled us over everybody grabbed whatever he could reach to make sure not a drop of the cake lands on the floorboards.
We left yesterday at 5:30 pm and driven by the fast sailing we were guessing how many miles we would have completed after 24 hours. Everybody made a guess, the captain notes them in the logbook and at 5:30 we calculated our etmal.
Since leaving the anchorage we sailed 165 nautical miles. A good distance and even more than our daily goal of 150nm. Juan hit it straight with his guess of 165, followed by Christian with 164 and fay with 170. As a reward we all had a pirate smoothie and started some live music evening concert playing guitar, harmonica, shaking a dried seed leave and singing of course. Multiple drinks followed and the party got louder, the musical instruments changed hands from song to song and the sun made room for the moon to join in.
When Fay called us for dinner we had a feast with fresh marlin pasta and a cake which not only tasted awesome but surprisingly looked awesome as well. How Fay did it with the boat rolling 25 degrees noone knew.
We agreed to be sober when our time for the watch comes up but today these rules got a little bend. Captains Order!
I lost track of time but who cares if we’re all having fun singing, laughing and telling stories while sailing south west on the biggest ocean with over 7kn..
Saluti Marco
Sent from the Ocean.

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