Today is day 11 and it is relaxing out here. It began with an easy wake up out on the ocean. The feeling is outstanding when you go out with a cup of coffee, look around and realize there is no longer land around you and the only thing you can see is the deep blue ocean. It always draws me a big smile on my face.
Our first night under Main, Genoa and staysail was a challenge for all of us when it comes to a comfortable sleeping position. Even the cat had some issues to find a good spot for a nap and slided from A to B.
After a good amount of miles we did during the night, the wind changed a bit during the day and we set the spinnaker instead of the Genoa. Everyone found a cosy spot to relax with almost no movement of ZERO in the water.
Besides napping, reading a book and sunbathing, there where lots of limes in between. Our huge amount of approximately 12 kilogram limes and lemons have reduced to 8 kilogram of best mexican limes which all decided to get ripe at the same time, of course. So we made a big pot of lime juice for the next offshore-mojito-margarita party. We had so much fun biting into the very juicy but also extremely sour limes. Ok maybe there where one or two tequilas involved, too.
In the afternoon a few dolphins came by and welcomed us. It’s always exiting when you hear the first breaths of a dolphin, followed by a friendly conversation to their buddies. I’m pretty sure they recognize me when I’m trying to talk to them on the bowsprit. Today one of them even twisted his belly towards me and looked me in the eyes. Such beautiful creatures of mother nature.
After another incredible taco tuesday I’m lying in my bed to rest for my 2 am watch out on the big blue unknown.
Good vibes from the ocean send to you by Fay
Sent from the Ocean.

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