Ahoy, We did it. With only 3hrs delay to the planned departure we left. Now that land is fading into grey and is constantly getting smaller the relaxation kicks in. A good feeling. Way better than this morning where the whole crew worked like horses to get the boat cleared for action. I build a dinghy rack on the foredeck so we can store the dinghy upright so we can easily launch it if we want to. Why I waited till the last day to do it I don’t know. But it’s done so who cares..
If you watched the short video we uploaded to YouTube today you know that we’re not alone. We gave 3 other person the chance to take part in this adventure. That’s new. I know. I never had so many people aboard for a crossing. A good change I think. The nightwatches will be so easy now with only one 3hour shifts per person. So we all get plenty of sleep. We actually have the luxury to grand the galley chef a night off in return for feeding us. What a difference to my solo crossing.. but it’snot only about more sleep. Its about more fun. Everybody brings in a full bag of stories, experiences and skills we wouldn’t know if it would be just the two of us. And with TAIICHI coming from Japan, Marco coming from Italy and Juan from Mexico, we enjoy many culinary highlights from different cultures as well. I can’t wait to eat all the specials everybody is planning. Yummi..
Despite the busy morning we had a calm day. 10-15 kn 2-3ft sea, nothing spectacular. Oh wait. We had a lot of water in the bike. The hose from the forward head got loose and the electric pump flooded the bilge. A scary moment in the beginning but fixed within a second by just tightened the hose clamp. Why it got loose I can’t explain. But I’m not complaining about an easy fix..
The forecast says it will be like that the next two days before the wind drops down to 5 kn. We’ll see. But we can always hoist the spinacker which proved its value many times.. The sun is down and the sky turned dark. Time for the first nightwatches. The new crew never did that before so I’ll be in standby. But in our calm conditions I don’t expect any trouble.. So let the night begin. ALOHA 🤙 Christian
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  1. Enjoy!

    We do not need 60 frames, but a single picture would be nice 🙂

    Greetings from Dortmund

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