Ahoy, Finally the wind found us, or did we find the wind? Doesn’t matter, I guess! What matters is that we’re sailing. Genoa, main and mizzen are holding strong against the 15kn breeze. The sea is still pretty calm with around 3ft and the sun warmed us the whole day. Beautiful.
But our planned offshore stop requires some close hauled sailing and with 30degree to the apparent wind ZERO is heeling quite a bit. Which is not a big thing during the day, when everybody is chilling in the various spots on the boat. But for Juan, who is our Mexican star chef today, it was quite a challenge. It’s his first time on a sailboat and preparing dinner when everything is tipped over by 15-20 degree is different and exhausting. He mastered it and we just finished best Mexican tacos made from scratch. Good job!!
It started so calm. After we changed from the iron Genoa to the spinacker this morning it was sailing like they advertise it. Everybody found a cosy spot below or on deck and Marco even took out the guitar and we enjoyed some live music. Could it be any better??
It’s 8pm now and even thought the sun is still above the horizon I’m writing these words to you. The first watch began and it’s my turn now. We sight at least 1 huge cargo vessel every hour and with 3 surrounding us at the moment it will be a busy night tracking and investigating about them. Thanks to AIS we can get so many information about them. None of them came closer than 3nm but most of em stay away more. Maybe it’s by chance but they can see us from so far away that I want to believe that some of them adjust their course far in advance that it’s only a few degree for them. Our systems work great. The whole electronic package is from b&g and so far there’s nothing we are missing. One good feature is the link app where I can pair my phone to the chartplotter and get a 1:1 copy of what’s on the screen from the it. I can also change things as a remote. Actually it’s pretty much all except the autopilot. Don’t know why they programmed it that way but they say it’s for safety reasons. Anyway.. it makes it way easier for me to double check on the instruments when I’m off watch lying in my bunk. It gives me a good feeling especially with 3 novice sailor aboard.
Talking about the crew.. they do a great job. So far noone is seasick and everybody loves it. Perfect. It’s a bit chilly out here. Used to the hot and dry climate from Banderas Bay we all have to grab a sweater after sunset. That will probably change soon as we adjust the course more to the South. But we want to stop at Isla Socorro. That’s why we point into the wind so much.
Let me describe my view to you.. sitting in the Cockpit watching Patch chasing a tiny piece of sewing thread, which Fay pulls away from her every time she jumps in it, not caring a dime about the boat movements or anything else. Then ZERO almost under full canvas, cutting through the water, an occasional flying fish which is trying to escape the sharp teeth from his predator and all that while the sun turns more and more red instead of yellow.. It feels good and it make me very happy to be out here.. Have a good night mateys.. Aloha Christian
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  1. Fantastic start to the voyage! I look forward to following your blog posts. Cheers from Sv Solskin’s crew

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