Ahoy, It’s been such a journey the last few months. After 14 month in the boatyard with countless hours of hard work in a dirty dusty desert place with temperatures far beyond comfort level and even the water wasn’t far away.. no feel of the ocean at all. These days were hard times. Exhausting times and on top of that very expensive times. But after all that we and especially I needed a break. My inner batteries were empty and needed a good charge. Now, 7 month later. I can’t believe that’s it’s may, already all the work will pay out.
We are sailing to Paradise tomorrow!!! The boat is ready, I am ready and with 3 more crew there’s nothing what can stop us.
It’s in the middle of the night, I can’t sleep anymore. My brain is going through the list again and again to make sure I didn’t forget anything. In about 6 hours we’re going to pull anchor, set the sails and point ZERO’S now towards the horizon. Yihaaaa, a good feeling but also very exciting. The voyage will be many thousand nautical miles with only blue around us, with tropical Islands to explore, with experiences we never made before. Even for me crossing the line on a sailboat is something new and I’m looking forward to add that to my repertoire.
Fay did an incredible job to provision the boat. She used every square inch to store good food with tons of fresh fruits, vegetables and basics like rice, beans, pasta.. I think we’re carrying over 50 kg of oats so Fay can bake a ton of her famous bread. Doing all that while I still worked on the final projects to make sure ZERO is shipshape was an outstanding performance and I can’t be any happier to have such a wonderful soul next to me.
And PATCH. She’s fully grown now, a skilled Hunter who catches whatever comes to close to the boat. She’s watching the sun go up right now through the porthole next to me. Seeing her around makes me very happy as well. Even though she sailed with us for almost 3.000 nautical miles already I can’t wait to see how she reacts if there’s no land in sight for weeks.
She’ll be the first who gets a piece of the fish we’re going to catch. As soon as the fishing reel makes its promising sound if a new cat h, she’ll be right there. I think she even has her radars running while asleep and never missed that moment.
So we’re going to do it. We’re crossing the Pacific Ocean again. With destinations we all only know from the high gloss pictures of the travel magazines. Or Instagram of course. Nowadays it’s all digital. We wanna go there and we will. NEVER GIVE UP! , you remember? That’s my motto and it suited me well in the past.
I know what all of you are thinking right now.. come on, what’s about new episodes, stop talking and upload a video! It’s been quite a while since we did that and I’m promising you there will be more of that soon for a while as well. I know that and I’m sorry that I couldn’t keep up with that yet. But to make it short. Yes.. there will be more episodes. We have a ton of footage we just need to put it together.. just. It will be different. It must be. With thousands of sailing channels out there and daily growing numbers maintaining a sailing channel changed. It seems like it’s more a job now instead of free would living the dream, sailing around the world in a tiny sailboat. Now actually some channels are hosting a stand at boatshows. Selling their lives to everybody who’s willing to pay for a tiny piece of it. Some are actually very famous now. Ok they make a lot of money with that but that’s not what we want. We don’t wanna build a career as YouTube stars with red carpets and maybe YouTube Oscars to come. No we want to enjoy our awesome lives floating on the big blue. Want to make new experiences, go through the adventures fully aware what’s surrounding us with both eyes wide open soaking in every detail left and right of us and not just limit our view to the tiny screen of the videocamera. Of course having a successful channel and making good money is nice don’t get me wrong. It’s taking the strain off the question how to finance a life like that. But how much of THE LIFE is left after sitting hours in front of the computer and dealing with all the stuff which comes with it?? We sailed 3.000 nautical miles the last 6 month. Did you recognize that many off the channels polluting YouTube don’t move much? That’s not us, that’s not what ZERO stands for and not what you, our little community of fans and follower, want to see. So we gotta find a way to make it different and we will.
But for now only 1 thing is important and that’s stowing away the last provisions, secure the dinghy on deck und get the hell out there. The sun is up now and I can see the beautiful green mountains surrounding Yelapa. Yelapa is a real Gem and we’ve stopped here a few times. Enjoyed the beautiful nature, had the best Mexican food since ever stepping on Mexican soil and produced memories which will last forever. That’s why we choosed to leave from here, enjoy it 1 more time before green dissapears and all turns blue around us. Done that yesterday, went to the best restaurant LOS ABUELOS, got a load of Chimichangas, Burritos and Quesadillas and enjoyed it at the beach. If you have the chance to come to here, do it!
Anyway, I just wanted to fill you guys in about our actual situation here and introduce you to our daily SUNSETNEWS. Some of you remember when I did that on my solo passage to Alaska and we do it again for this crossing. It’s text and no videos but hey.. if we learned anything out of the covid-19 shit. Than it’s going back to essential things and telling a story doesn’t need ultra HD 60 frames per second..
So please manouver yourself to our website and make sure you don’t miss out on our stories.
ALOHA Christian
Sent from the Ocean

3 thoughts on “SunsetNews day 0

  1. Safe passage my friends….
    When will you fill us in on your route and destination(s)
    Looks like a great crew, so I will be anxiously waiting for interesting sunset stories.

  2. Hallo Christian, danke für diesen wunderbaren Bericht. Mit den Youtubern hast du womöglich recht. viele sitzen nur herum und reden und reden. Ich habe schon so manchen Kanal wieder erlassen. Allerdings wir auch die Qualität immer besser.

    Ich freue mich auf eure Berichte.

    Viele Grüße Ulli aus deutschland

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