Ahoy, we made it. I know you know but anyway.. we finally realized we’re here.. It’s all green here. Unbelievable how lush the vegetation is. The bay is filled with plenty boats and the daily morning net starts at 8am. Sharp.! It’s the meeting point in the Marquesas. Biggest village around and best chance to get priovisions done.
There’s no help with our sails here so we probably have to fix them ourselves or wait till Tahiti.
We’re on island time already. It only took a few days to forget about anything else. A day starts with the sun coming up and ends with it going down. All very unspectacular here because of the high mountains around us. It’s basically getting light. Then after some time the sun shows up over the mountains and later on it reverses. But in the mornings you can see patches of super bright green amongst more darker green where the sun is still shaded by the mountains and the rays are visible comic-style!
The temperatures are very close to perfect but you can the feel the power of the sun when you leave the shade. We did provisions today and probably start exploring the other anchorages on Nuku Hiva soon. But I wanna thank everybody for reading our daily reports, everybody who left one of the many awesome comments or shared and liked our post. It’s not over yet. We’ll post more. But with our days filled with so many exciting things ashore now we’ll not keep up on the daily schedule.. that’s only possible on a passage..
Sorry guys. But we’ll definitely keep you posted every once in awhile. We also work on getting new episodes out, but it will take a few more to be ready.
Again, thanks for your support in whatever way it reaches us.. ALOHA Christian
Sent from the Ocean.

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