I’m glad I decided to go the long way. When I left Nawiliwili Bay I had two opportunities.. I wanted to go to Hanalei Bay but there are two routes to go there..
First I could go north, up the coast and then head west to Hanalei. Or I could go the long way around the South and Westcoast of Kauai. The first would be the shorter way but then I would miss to sail along the legendary Napali Coast.

I decided to go the long way and I couldn’t be happier about it.

After I stayed at Wahi’Awi over night I went to Port Allen and anchored in the bay to explore the little town of Hanapepe. I used the dinghy as a car, drove up the river, left the dinghy at the swinging bridge and walked trough the little “little town”. It consists of a coupe art-galleries, shops and diners and you can feel that there are not to many people coming to this place..


I spend a couple hours there and went back to the boat to continue my journey towards the Napali Coast.

For all of you who don’t know what I’m talking about and think:”.. ahh another Hawaiian word for something there..”

Kauai is the oldest of all Hawaiian Islands and probably the most beautiful one too. The Napali coast has steep cliffs rising from the ocean, changing from over 4.000 feet (1.200m) high vertical walls to sharp ridges and deep valleys. It’s breathtaking and in the morning a game of light and shade.

I got up early after dropping anchor the night before at Polihale Beach right at the beginning of the cliffs and followed the coastline. On some areas I could go very close to the walls. I wanted to stay as close as possible to hide from the wind.

It can be very wild out there and if there would be more swell it would be impossible to do that.
But it must be my lucky day the swell was down to around 2-3 feet and the wind was still sleeping, yet.
It took a while to steam up north and with every minute which elapsed the wind grew stronger and stronger.


I couldn’t believe my eyes for what I’ve seen and even when the wind was blowing with a little less than 30 knots straight on the nose with windwaves up to 8 feet when I came closer to Kailiu Point on the Northshore it was worth every drop of saltwater ZERO and I collected on our wild ride.

On a calm summer day it would be possible to land on one of the isolated beaches or even dingh into the caves but there was no way of even thinking about it when I passed them.
Many movies were filmed here and the most applicable pictures are for sure Jurassic Park. You expect dinosaurs behind every corner..

Anyway.. I made my way to Hanalei Bay, which is beautiful with a long white sand beach surrounded by high lush mountains. It looks like ZERO is the first sailing yacht out here this season so I found a nice spot in a little deeper water to be on the safe side when one of the last winterswells arrive here..

Now I’m going to stay here,enjoy the warm water and finish the last preparations before I sail north..


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2 thoughts on “I finally arrived at my final anchorage on Hawaii..

  1. Looks like you had a great day to be riding the wind and waves. Looks like a beautiful place to hang on the hook for a while too. How rare are safe anchorages around the islands? The coastline does not appear to have an abundance of safe harbors. Is it possible to cruise around island hopping for a few months and mainly stay on the hook?

    1. Oh yeah..
      Definitely possible.. That’s exactly what we have done since June 2015. Except 4 week atvthe Hawaii yacht club we only lived on anchor..
      Sometimes it’s a bit rolly but we never had any safety issues like dragging anchor or breaking waves..
      Depending on the size of the boat there are a couple small harbors but mostly they don’t have any slips available. Only Oahu has plenty..

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