Time flies!
Today is the day we splashed ZERO 52 weeks ago..
After going through a major refit and spending over a year on the dry in Mexico we finally splashed ZERO on Friday the 18th of April and brought her back to her elements. We quickly sailed to Cabo San Lucas to increase our changes to leave Mexico before Hurricane-Season starts. We didn’t make it and left 2 days after official start of the 2015 Hurricane-Season on May 17th 2015 heading west towards the open ocean.
After 20 incredible days on the Big Blue we sighted land. Hawaii was only a couple miles away and we officially finished the first ocean-crossing on ZERO on June 5th, the captains birthday. PERFECT!
The crossing was accompanied only with the best experiences and Frank, Rebecca and me were super happy and enjoyed every of the 485 hours offshore.
Guaymas to Hilo-nm2

Arrived first in Hilo on Hawaii’s Big Island we explored every Island and sailed back and forth between the Islands a couple times. Every Island was different. Some are barely inhabited and some other are packed with people and lots of tourists. Lanai and Molokai are definitely the more barely inhabited ones and provided us with breathtaking untouched nature and remote anchorages. Maui and Oahu are more settled, with being Oahu the only Island with a huge – way to big – city. Honolulu has the full big city flair we didn’t really like. Oahus Northshore, on the other side, has still a good country feeling with the biggest waves we have seen so far.
Maui was almost the right amount of civilization and remoteness. The people on Hawaii spread so much ALOHA to us we were completely overwhelmed and we met a ton of people and found a lot of friends under them..
hawaii track all-nm2

The last leg from Oahu to Kauai and around to Hanalei Bay I did sail ZERO singlehanded. This is indeed another special adventure and a very good experience for me. Now ZERO is anchored in Hanalei Bay on Kauais Northshore. Kauai is known as the most beautiful of the Hawaiian Islands and what I have seen so far I do completely agree with that.
Even though I’m a little early in Hanalei Bay and there is still some impressive swell rolling into the bay and producing perfect surf on the reef it has the advantage to be the only boat in the bay. And that’s a rare occasion in this popular cruising destination. Popular only in the summer because the winter-swell turns a perfect anchorage quickly into a nightmare when the big waves roll in from the NW.
ZERO will leave Hawaii from here to Alaska soon and start into new adventures way north of the tropics.

We came quite a long way and sailed almost 5.000 nautical miles from the boatyard in Guaymas, Mexico to Kauai, Hawaii withing the last year. We still had to finish some work but found always enough time to enjoy and explore the GEMs Hawaii has to offer for the brave who sail over the big blue to Hawaii. We could feel the power of the ocean at any time and where aware of the fact that Hawaii lies in the middle of the ocean and is effected by the offshore-weather a lot. We experienced sailing in 45+ knots of wind and were surfing some impressive swell during our channel crossings. Checking the weather became quickly one of our daily routines..

We video-document our journey on our youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/syZERO and posted many side-stories on our blog http://www.sy-ZERO.de

We invite you to watch our videos and would love to win you as a subscriber/follower to take you aboard and with us on our ocean adventures. Feel free to leave some feedback and ask us if you have questions about what we do and where we sailed..
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