Get out!!

today I spend some time on our electric wiring and found a lot dead wires. I followed them through the whole boat and removed them. Its a bit better now but still a long way to go.   Maybe anothe... Read More

Life is good!

i just had a very nice long phonecall with a good old friend. I talked to her for around 3 hours about all and nothing and enjoyed it very much. After this I gave Rebecca a good morning kiss and jumpe... Read More

Tied to the Aloha dock from Hawaii Yacht Club we enjoy the luxury of beeing connected to land kind off permanently. Even when we work on so funny things like renewing the varnish on our various teak p... Read More

Ready for Honolulu?

aloha, We are anchored in Kepuhi Bay. This is in the north west corner of Molokai. We left Maui and sailed clockwise around Lanai. Lanai is privately owned by Larry Ellison. Mr. oracle! Not much peopl... Read More


+++Earthquake in Chile, Magnitude of 8.3+++stop+++Tsunami warning for Hawaiian Islands+++stop+++Tsunami waves expected at 3:32am, local time+++ stop+++ZERO moved to deeper water+++stop+++alarm clock i... Read More

Chill Day

after a busy day yesterday. We went to hookipa and I got my windsurf equipment and myself wet. To surf Hookipa was a long time dream and yesterday I did it!! When we came back to the boat we realized ... Read More