today is day 21. Wow already three weeks went by since we left Yelapa. It feels like we’re on our way only a week or a bit more. It is incredible how fast time goes by on a boat. And the best thing is, time doesn’t really matters anymore. The only important thing for you is to know when your nightwatch and your galley day is.
Today is again a rainy day. Another huge squall hit us and washed ZERO for almost 4 hours straight and heavy. The temperature dropped and the wind in combination with the rain made it uncomfortable to stay outside.
Some of us played poker and some of us lay down and read a book, like me. The conditions outside created a crazy unsorted wave which kicked us from left to right and pushed the boat radically up and down. My brain didn’t really wanted the rollercoaster although it was for free. So I stayed almost the whole day in bed trying to calm down with some relaxing music and a nice planet earth documentary.
The incredible italian pasta for dinner pushed me up again and I can start my nightwatch now. A good salty meal and a tea is a really good way to get rid of seasickness. Another medication for me is pure peppermint oil. It helps me a lot to put a few drops behind your ears and a few on your breast. The clear smell helps me focusing again really fast.
It is pitch black outside because of the massive clouds all around us and the ocean is still mixed up. Hopefully we don’t catch another squall during the night. Fingers crossed. In a few days we should be out of the doldrums and the chance to catch a squall will be lower.
I sent you good ocean vibes from far away Yours Fay
Sent from the Ocean.

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