After bathing in Tenakee we stopped for the night in Baranof. They have a hot spring as well..

And in baranof they have the natural pools half Mile up stream, where you can bath in HOT water just in front of the cascading water from the stream. The scenery is breathtaking and the sound of the water frames it to a close to perfect place. You can adjust the temperature by choosing the pool. It’s almost impossible to jump into the hottest one first without equalizing in the colder ones first.

Nice feature is the cold water pool.. It’s fed by the river, sooooooooo cold! But after soaking in the hot pool for a while it feels great to have some cold water..


The little LITTLE settlement consists only of a couple lodges.. Maybe 10??

The floatdock holds around 10 boats and is free.  Everybody s friendly, takes your lines and shares the fresh catch of the day..

The hike to the pools is very easy. Most of the trail is build out of wooden planks and bridges..

Just in front of the float is a bathhouse with 3 cabins. Free on open fir the public. Each cabin has a bathtub, big enough for 2 persons, and faces the water with a huge opening to enjoy the view.


There are bears and eagles and in our case sunshine..! The reflections of the sun on the cascading waterfall looked great..
We can strongly recommend to visit this part of our beautiful world.


3 thoughts on “Strong Recommendation!! Baranof, Warm Springs Bay, Alaska

  1. Awesome!!! Have always wanted to go there. Stoked for you guys!

  2. Just a reminder August 09, 2016 completes your 30 day since you blogged an issue there….so you probably have like one day to scram…how will they know…satellites know if you combed your hair today…not too mention further relations may well depend on a passport stamp within the 30 days from Canada.

    1. Thanks. I applied for a 10 day extension and they granted it. But I’m checking out in Ketchikan either today or tomorrow. So I’ll be within my first given period..
      I have to get my papers stamped.. But maybe your right with the satellite..

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