17-16_Me & My Mustang – a Roadtrip through Florida

Ahoy Folks,

Many of you were wondering whats going on and if I ever upload another video again.

Well.. yes here it is. Another chapter of my life, Another story from the road and Another type of travelling..

So one question is answered, that was easy. But whats going on and why didn’t I upload a video for so many weeks is a bit more complex.. and I think the best way to answer this is either a short video-explanation or maybe a life video on YouTube.. let me see what I can do..

But you can be sure that I’m not sitting here and twiddle my thumps.. I’m busy getting ZERO back out where she belongs.. the Ocean!!!

Anyway.. grab some snacks, relax and enjoy the ride through Florida..

Aloha & Out

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One thought on “Better late than never..

  1. This is Brian, I’m still in Hawaii. Where are ya, how are ya and what are you doing? Hope to hear from ya soon!

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